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Speech Therapy

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Speech Therapy

Diagnosis and Treatment of a variety of communication disorders as well as feeding and oral motor deficits.

Early Intervention (Birth to 3)

Late talker, feeding and swallowing difficulties? We can help! Using child directed  play therapy and floor time approaches to treatment, our therapists are  qualified to address delays and disabilities in communication, language, speech, and feeding/swallowing. Effective communication is fundamental to all aspects of human functioning, particularly learning and social interaction.

Speech Sound Disorders

Does your child use errors in speech sounds by mispronouncing, substituting, or leaving out  sounds or syllables? Maybe they are having difficulty forming words or putting sounds together. Does your child’s speech intelligibility impact their ability to  communicate with others? We can determine whether these errors are age appropriate or if intervention is needed due to the presence of an Articulation Disorder, Phonological Disorder, Apraxia of Speech or Dysarthria. We use the latest technologies in the field including Palatometry, Oral Placement Therapy and we are a Speech Buddies Provider.

Tongue Thrust and Lisp Remediation

We work closely with local orthodontists to help diagnose and remediate Tongue Thrust Swallow patterns as well as Frontal and Lateral Lisps. Tongue thrust therapy focuses on training a normal swallow pattern as well as encourage more posterior placement of one’s tongue at rest and while eating. Therapy for a lisp focuses on train correct placement of articulators. We use the latest technologies in the field including Palatometry, Oral Placement Therapy and we are a Speech Buddies Provider in order to provide the most effective treatments possible for quicker results!

Language Delays and Disorders

A language disorder is an impairment that makes it hard for someone to find the right words and form clear sentences when speaking. It can also make it difficult to understand what another person says. A child may have difficulty understanding what others say, may struggle to put thoughts into words, or both. We can help assess and remediate expressive and receptive communication disorders and  improve your child's ability to communicate.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

We can provide evaluations in order to determine the most appropriate Speech Generating Device for your minimally verbal or non-verbal loved one.  At SPOT On we take care of the evaluation process including necessary reports and funding steps in order to obtain the most appropriate voice output communication device or to develop low tech communication aides in order to give individuals the most effective means of communicating. Once your device arrives, we work closely with family, and related providers to provide treatment and training on use of your existing or new device. SPOT On is a pediatric practice, however, we do serve adults who are in need of an AAC evaluation and or treatment.

Mindful Movement Small Groups and Social Skills Small Groups

Our mindful movement groups not only improves communication boundaries and social skills, it helps to support self-regulation, sensory processing, sequencing and motor planning skills. It enhances speech and language skills, self-awareness and esteem. These groups incorporate movements proven to integrate the two hemispheres of the brain. To find out more about class times, group fees, and to trial a class, contact Caroline Norwood at

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